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Welcome to! This site is here to provide no fuss, straight up smileys for your instant messaging, msn, yahoo, myspace - whatever you want, they are free smileys!

We are very proud to annouce our September 2008 update! Due to user requests, we have expanded our range of smileys. Check out our new ranges of:

In total, we have added close to 200 new smileys!

I'd also like to thank everybody who has been supporting mysmiley for so long now! I've had dozens of e-mails about our smileys and I've seen them in use all over the Internet! I've been busy lately, but I'll be adding more smileys again this weekend! Thanks everybody!

The "smiley face" - yellow button with smile and two dots for eyes, was first created by a chap called Harvey Bell. He was a freelance artist and it was his creation that inspired all these smileys and msn emoticons. Earlier smileys were simply made with ASCII characters such as :-) Strangely enough, someone actually has been credited for "inventing" - well first using these characters! Scitt Falham made the original proposal that the now widely used :-) face should "be used for joke markers".

Love them or hate them, smileys add a more human element to the very brittle communications media, that is instant messaging. So liven up your MSN, AIM or Yahoo and get some smileys now!

Thanks, enjoy your visit.